Svenska Lanthönsklubben

Swedish society of old native poultry, is an independent organization with the main purpose to preserve the old Swedish native poultry stocks. We work with the preservation of native stocks of Geese, Ducks and Hens.

In Sweden there are societies for preservation of native stocks of cows, pigs, sheep, goat, rabbits and poultry. Swedish society of old native poultry was, in 1987, one of the first of these societies to be started. A cooperation with the other societies in the form of a forum with rotation of the presidency is maintained.

Old native stocks are the responsibilities of the nations in which they have been re-discovered. Therefore we do not contribute to exportation of old Swedish poultry stocks, nor any importation of other local stocks to Sweden or other countries.

The preservation of Swedish native poultry stocks is based on a system of members who have signed a contract to keep their birds safe from crossbreeding and under such conditions that the natural behavior of the animals is stimulated. The flocks should be kept under as natural conditions as possible. Great variation within the given frames is to be maintained. Selection for a specific use, or competitions with judgement of the exterior of the animals is not allowed.

Local authorities of countries, who have signed the Rio-convention, should encourage the preservation of old native stocks. Swedish society of old native poultry will be happy to inform other societies about our work and if necessary assist in the start of new societies for preservation of native stocks.

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